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Salon im Net, den 8. April 2004
ein Online Projekt von Ilona Duerkop

Ada Diekmann
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Isabelle across the lake

Isabelle last thing I heard
you turned into a blue balloon
Split Connecticut without a word
they tell me it was a full moon
that paved the way for further complications
Down along the line
We never seemed to fit it
Man, it was a wicked strange time

Isabelle the other night
I spotted you across the sky
Standing by the Milky Way
you said youíd finally recognised
There is a life after death
but not the way we thought it was
That we spend too much time
worrying about the cause and effects.

Itís raining meteors
been like this for quite some time
The neighbours laugh at me
They donít see them
They think Iím blind
(I could be blindÖ)

Isabelle last thing I knew
I turned into a carpet ride
Off to San Juan again I flew
where I recall being warm inside
On Sundays you and I would go
to The Fort to fly our kites
all that shit we fought about I forgot about

Isabelle your plane went down
moons ago and still I close my eyes
I circle endless blue
breathing in some part of you
Iím not afraid of letting go
as long as I hold on
Iím learning to break even now
where every confidence must shed her song

Itís raining shooting stars
A prophesy is fulfilled
I am not afraid of falling
I am afraid of standing still
(I could be stillÖ)

Isabelle itís getting late
I must go now and go to sleep
If I die before I wake
weíll meet again same time next week
And talk about the world to come
and you van demonstrate
the blue balloon that finally found its way
its way its way its way its way
Across the lake

la la la la la la

© Lillie Palmer